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ADHD: A sporting ability?

ADHD is a neurological disorder which causes behavioural difficulties such as fidgeting and loss of concentration. However, for many sufferers, taking part in sport is a huge help to them.

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Rise in Nottingham young adults with STDs

Nottingham hospital figures show that nearly 400 young people were diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease last year, the equivalent of more than one a day.

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140 nursing jobs created in the East Midlands

A  recruitment drive for qualified nurses in the East midlands will create 140 new jobs in a move to boost patient care and reduce costs.

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One Paramedic Leaves East Midlands Ambulance Service Every Eight Days

East Midlands Ambulance Service is facing a challenge to keep their paramedics.

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Scarlet fever cases rise by 400% in Nottinghamshire

There have been 80 suspected cases of scarlet fever since the start of this year compared with just 16 in the same period two years ago.

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12-hour wait on surgical trolleys for patients in Nottingham

Fifty-two patients waited on surgical trolleys for operations in Nottingham Hospitals for more than 12 hours, in January, documents revealed.

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Hospitals introduce new breathalyser to beat cancer

A new breathalyser which can detect cancer will be trialled at two NHS hospitals this summer as part of a £1M clinical trial.

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