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Pigeon racing: Cheshire grandfather blighted by bird disease

Pigeon racing has provided thousands of people with a pastime for more than a century. But an insidious lung disease is now threatening this shrinking British hobby.

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Government crackdown on the “legal highs” that produce the devastating lows

Government plan’s will see a crackdown on the availability of ‘legal highs’ after an increase of deaths in the UK.

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Rise in Nottingham young adults with STDs

Nottingham hospital figures show that nearly 400 young people were diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease last year, the equivalent of more than one a day.

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Mental Health Awareness Week in Nottingham

Mental Health Awareness Week is being supported all across the nation this week, increasing recognition of symptoms for those suffering.

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Team MND: 2014 in 2014 journey will be a legacy

It’s been one hell of a year for John Collins and his brother Pete who are together celebrating the completion of their gruelling charity challenge.

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Just 6 grams of salt a day for improved diet

The NHS recommend that just 6 grams of salt a day will help promote a healthy life style but just how easy is it to stick to that?

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Government set to standardise cigarette packets

  MPs have voted in favour for UK cigarette packets to be standardised. They aim to further reduce the uptake of smoking among young people.

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