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Feminism: It’s not a dirty word

Women across Nottingham are reclaiming the ‘F-word’ by taking their campaign to the streets. Hollaback! is an anti street harassment campaign encouraging men and women to support feminism.

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Nottingham Trent graduate launches female football league

A former NTU student is setting up a women’s football league at Rushcliffe Leisure Centre because she can’t find one that she wants to play for.

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Women’s rugby in Nottingham tackles gender inequality

There are 140,000 women and girls involved in rugby throughout the UK. However, ladies rugby is still fighting for a level playing field with the men’s.

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Korfball: Mixed sport welcomed to schools

Broxtowe Borough Council are introducing the mixed gender sport Korfball into schools across Nottingham. The aim of this is so that children learn about gender equality from an early age.

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