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Autism: The Genius on the Spectrum

When you think of autism, the difficulties facing those who have the condition come to mind. Sometimes it’s forgotten that there are those on the spectrum, who are simply brilliant.

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Salvation Army marks 150th anniversary with celebrations and events in Nottingham

Nottingham’s William Booth Birthplace Museum will host events to remember Salvation Army’s 150 years of charity service.

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Thousands of pounds for Nottinghamshire charities

After her daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour, a mum from Hucknall has raised more than £14,000 for local charities and hopes to raise more.

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A1 in Lincolnshire closed after lorry crash

One of the major road in the UK which links the North to the South is temporary closed after two lorries crashed this morning.

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Brelfies: radical or ridiculous?

Mothers are participating in a unique trend on social media – taking pictures of themselves breastfeeding their infants to challenge attitudes towards it. .

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Pioneering coffee business opens in Nottingham

 Coffee lovers in Nottingham can now taste some of the world’s best artisan beans after the country’s first online coffee boutique opens in the city.

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New drug revolutionises treatment of sickle cell anaemia in the UK

The NHS in Nottingham has launched a campaign to raise awareness of a genetic disease that affects only black people and to inform them of a new form of treatment in the UK.

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