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ADHD: A sporting ability?

ADHD is a neurological disorder which causes behavioural difficulties such as fidgeting and loss of concentration. However, for many sufferers, taking part in sport is a huge help to them.

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Leveson Inquiry: New press regulators cause controversy amongst the industry.

Two new press standard bodies created after The Leveson Inquiry cause controversy amongst the press, as debate over statutory underpinning splits the industry.

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Autism: The Genius on the Spectrum

When you think of autism, the difficulties facing those who have the condition come to mind. Sometimes it’s forgotten that there are those on the spectrum, who are simply brilliant.

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Nottingham pupils to help stub out smoking at school

Secondary school pupils could encourage their classmates to stop taking up smoking, if a new county-wide campaign is given the go ahead.

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Nottingham school children need more help to understand the dangers of the internet

Parents who have little understand of online safety could be putting their children at risk by missing out vital information on the dangers of the web.

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Bird houses are big business in Nottinghamshire

West Bridgford School pupils win the top prize at the Nottinghamshire Young Enterprise finals after their bird house business wowed judges.

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GameCityNights at Nottingham National Video Game Arcade

The National Video Game Arcade Nottingham is going to hold an event of gaming to welcome gamers and game developers to share their experiences.

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