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Autism: The Genius on the Spectrum

When you think of autism, the difficulties facing those who have the condition come to mind. Sometimes it’s forgotten that there are those on the spectrum, who are simply brilliant.

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East Midlands goes to the polls

Millions of people around the country are visiting polling stations as Britons decide who they want to represent them in the House of Commons.

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Young voters could sway election outcome

The youth democracy movement, Bite the Ballot, are campaigning to involve more 18-24 year olds with this years General Election.

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Police and Crime Commission to help fund Street Pastors

Nottingham’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Paddy Tipping told CBJ that following the recent funding cuts, they have decided to grant funds to keep the project.

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Nottingham’s first-ever Caribbean Heritage Museum.

A new Caribbean museum is coming to Nottingham. SKN Heritage is hoping to bring a new culture for young people to learn about their ancestors.

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Number of young people buying houses drops in Nottingham

The amount of young people buying their first home has fallen considerably over the last 10 years. But with more graduates looking for jobs this may change.

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The Electoral roll comes to a close

You can no longer register to vote in this years election but will we see a change in the amount of students who filled out the form before last nights deadline?

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