Feminism: It’s not a dirty word

not-a-dirty-word-wordpress2Women across Nottingham are reclaiming the ‘F-word’ by taking their campaign to the streets. Hollaback! is an anti street harassment campaign encouraging men and women to support feminism.

A campaign across Nottingham is creating greater awareness for the feminist movement. Hollaback! is an international anti street harassment campaign that aims to put an end to everyday sexism found on the streets in Britain.

Street harassment is an issue that young women are faced with everyday. Martha and Rose, the founders of the campaign in Nottingham, are empowering young women to make a stand against sexism and are encouraging others to see the importance of the feminist movement.

Martha Jephcott, co-founder of Hollaback! Nottingham wants to encourage young girls to see the importance of feminism in their everyday lives. Hollaback! understands that many, including younger generations, are still quick to dismiss the movement and label it as extreme or irrelevant.

Martha said: “The good thing with Hollaback! is street harassment is something that all girls get, so it’s a really good gateway into feminism and into bigger movements.”


Men and women alike have been left feeling they need to take their issues surrounding gender equality to the streets. Hollaback! uses its Chalk Walk to encourage wider communities to get involved.

Emma Watson's HeForShe campaign speech to the UN went viral

Emma Watson’s HeForShe campaign speech to the UN went viral

Despite celebrities such as Karl Lagerfeld, Beyonce and Emma Watson publicly endorsing feminism, a recent backlash of criticism has left ordinary people under pressure to justify the true meaning of the term.

Critics of feminism are continuously attempting to discourage the progression of the movement. Mike Buchanan, leader of the political party, Justice for Men and Boys, has suggested that feminism is a direct threat towards men’s rights.

He said: “Radical feminism has been the mainstream gender ideology across the developed world as far as I can see for more than thirty years now, so we end up, in the UK, with twenty areas where men and boys are disadvantaged and women aren’t.”

“It is gender equality for everyone.” Paige Hartley, third wave feminist activist.

But despite previous definitions of feminism, third wave feminists are fighting against negative stereotypes and ensuring gender equality for both sexes. Paige Hartley, 21, third wave feminist activist, wants to see more education surrounding the movement.


Paige said: “I think removing the stigma from the word feminism is key, I think more education, more awareness and making it approachable for everyone.”

She added: “It’s important for people to realise it is relateable, it’s something that everyone can be involved in, no matter of gender, no matter of sexuality, nothing to do with age or background, it is gender equality for everyone.”

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