Erewash residents IPAD Scheme Hailed as Great Success

IpadThree tablets set up in the village of Cotmanhay in order to engage locals has been praised for its positive impact

The Ipads were provided in one of Derbyshire’s most deprived areas. The scheme was launched in March and was  funded  by Derbyshire County Council and the North East Derbyshire Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB). The idea was to give residents a chance to discover events occurring in the village. A Public Health Development worker for Erewash, Claire Burgess, believes the impact has been positive. She said ‘The most positive thing I’ve heard really is them being used to alert people, to say have a look at this. They’re using this as a facility in their centres, to navigate and direct people to services which can help them.” And the general public also feel the scheme has been a big success. Melanie, 42 says “I think it’s really valuable it’s happening in the centre where they can access it, and they can search for useful information.” Adam, 35 agrees saying “it’s excellent and resourceful for the local community. It gives access to all different types of information.”

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