Celebrating the wartime role of Nottingham’s black community

WAR_1.00_00_32_00.Still004The Nottingham Black Archive has organised a celebration of the contribution of Commonwealth countries in the two World Wars.

War fact box

Men and women from around the former British Empire played key roles in the war efforts. Their contributions have not always been recognised in historical accounts.

The exhibition at the New Art Exchange aims to tell these stories and to introduce a new generation to the sacrifices made by people in the past.


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Ioney Smallhorne of the Nottingham Black Archive says that it is important that historical material is available for people to see.

‘We want to bring it to life’


Norma Gregory, the author of a book about the history of Jamaicans in Nottingham, says it’s vital to record these stories.

Panya Banjoko tells the story of  the Nottingham Black Archive.

‘Black history, heritage and culture in Nottingham.’

For more information see the Nottingham Black Archive, Afro Caribbean National Artistic Centre, Nottingham Heritage Information on Black History.

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