New heritage trail boosts tourism in Mansfield

fOXNew Quaker heritage trail aims to boost the number of tourists visiting Mansfield by showcasing the town’s hidden history as the religion’s birthplace.


Mansfield is the hometown of the Quaker religious movement. The trail includes the church where the founder, George Fox, had religious experiences and the site of his former house.

In 1647, George Fox, a cobbler, was walking past a church in the East Midlands when he received what he described as a message from God. It is known that George Fox had his first converts in Mansfield.

Quaker Fact BoxThe Quaker religion was the faith of two US presidents and several prominent UK industrialists.

The origins of this religion are not well known today by people living in the Nottinghamshire town where it began. . .00000.00_00_06_07.Still003

However, a new heritage trail aims to spread this knowledge targeting above all the American tourists market.

The heritage trail and audio tour starts at the new bus station in Mansfield where a plaque will soon be unveiled, listing the names of the Quakers who were buried there.

Edward Sellman, Clarke at Nottingham Quakers, said:

”I think it’s very educational for the local community. It raises the profile of Quakers”. 

The trail continues to Quaker almshouses, built in 1961 for the poor, to the Catholic church where Fox received his calling, which is the currently Mansfield Friends Meeting House.

The last part of the Mansfield Quakers Heritage Trail is the Metal Box Factory’s clock tower; it’s a symbol of Quakerism’s links to the business world.

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