A Nottingham charity celebrates its 15th birthday

the archesThe Arches Project, which is the only free furniture charity in Nottingham embraces its fifteenth anniversary.


The Arches Project is a practical resource and support centre for those who need help across the city of Nottingham.


It started fifteen years ago in Lenton with the idea to give food and clothes when the founders realized many people were isolated. They set up a coffee lounge under two arches under a bridge to provide an environment where people feel they belong and are accepted.

After Family First, which collected unwanted goods and redistributed them to people in need, closed its doors, The Arches Project became the last remaining charity to give free furnitures in Nottingham.

Helen Murphy, the Arches Project Coordinator, said:”We are trying to treat people with generosity, dignity and respect to help them build confidence and self-esteem in a practical way”.

Cathy Gretton, the co-manager of the Arches, said organizations like the Arches are important in this city.





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