Local services stand united against hate crimes

LGTBLesbian, gay, bisexual and transexual are joining forces with local services to combat hate crimes in Nottingham. On May 11th everyone raised their rainbow flags against the crimes.

Nottingham County council, Nottingham City council, Police and Fire services have all IMG_2387banded together in a united stand against all forms of homophobia, bi-phobia and trans-phobia. Over 100 flags are being raised all over the county to show their support. Along with this they are holding a ceremony of different events across the county and city on the run up to the International Day against homophobia, bi-phobia and trans-phobia.

Their main aim is to promote and support equality and diversity throughout Nottingham to ensure no people are targets for discrimination. The public services are working close to ensure that everybody is treated fairly no matter what their sexual preference is.

Hate crimes include any criminal offences seen by the victims or other person to be hostile or discriminatory. Some examples of these are:

  • Verbal abuse

  • Threats

  • Harassment

  • Physical Assault

Within the last year a report from LGBT shows there were overall a 696 hate crimes within Nottingham, a main reason services have teamed up to prevent these crimes from happening.

Richard Townsley, Chair of International Day against homophobia, bi-phobia, and trans-phobia, expressed the reasoning behind holding the ceremony.

“To raise awareness to let people know they should be standing against homophobia and discrimination and actually celebrating the diversity of our county.”

They are wanting to change the negative perception that some may have and turn it into a positive outcome. It will also help show the how diverse today’s culture has become.

Charlotte Howelll, President of NTU Pride society, explains her personal experience as a victim of a hate crime.

LGBT and the rest of Nottingham stand proudly against hate crimes and hopefully will be a brighter future ahead.


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