Tourists flock to see Nottingham’s ghosts

justice 1Nottingham’s Galleries of Justice Museum has been voted as having the most active poltergeist in the country – and that’s making it a hit with tourists from across the country.

The Victorian courthouse was also voted one of the most haunted buildings in the UK by paranormal investigators, Friday Nights.

Due to this, the museum organises Ghost Tour every Friday night for visitors who want to venture into the dwellings of the spirits.

Sharon Richardson, Marketing, PR and Communication Manager said the trips can be scary – but they are fun.

Sharon added that people love the tour because it is something completely different. They do not necessarily believe in the ghosts, but they are interested in the stories, spirits and spooks. Some even claimed to see ghosts around the museum.

All of the ghosts have their own history which represents what Nottingham looked like in the past. The suffering of the spirits of the prisoners tells of life in Nottingham’s old prisons. Instead of hiding them, the Ghost Tour reconnects these spirits with people in the form of tales and re-enactment.

Whether people believe them or not, these ghosts will continue to haunt Nottingham as long as people relive their stories and visit them at the museum.

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