Nottingham streets development could be a danger to the blind

Nottingham (formerly Midland) railway station façade on Carrington Street, Nottingham at the junction with Station Street. Monday 15th December 2008Blind associations are concerned that pedestrianizing Station Street and Carrington Street in Nottingham would be an accident waiting to happen following council plans.

Nottingham City council want to remove all of the kerbs along both Station Street and Carrington Street, which would normally give blind people and their guide dogs a point of reference for safety from moving traffic.

A number of blind organisations have come together to oppose the plans including Guide Dogs, The National Federation of Blind People Nottingham Branch (NFB) and My Sight Nottinghamshire.

The three organisations have written a joint letter to the county council outlining their concerns. However the council has said that the plans will make the city more pedestrian friendly.

The redevelopment will include new seating, trees planted and extra room for restaurants and cafés outdoor seating areas.

Station Street’s taxi rank will also be relocated to make way for the pedestrianization and will operate from the bottom of a new multi storey car park,  forcing commuters to walk much further to get a taxi.

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