Independent butchers in Nottingham note trends in custom

Meat selectionKarl Robinson has been running his family’s independent butchers for 30 years and believes the decline and rise of customers is simply dependent on trends.

According to the Organisation for the English Beef and Sheep Industry, the number of independent butchers in England has fallen from 15,000 to 6,000 in the past 25 years.

Robinson’s in Netherfield is a friendly, family-run butchers that has been open since the mid 1960’s and is determined to stay put.

The majority of work carried out is wholesale, supplying businesses such as cafes and nursing homes with fresh products like beef, chicken and lamb.

Karl explains the difference between supermarket and local butchers, as well as the varying trends of customers because of celebrity chef recopies.

Karl Robinson believes custom can depend upon television trends and with the popularity of certain chefs for instance Jamie Oliver raising awareness with a certain style or method of cooking or preparation.

“Occasionally we have customers come in saying they prefer buying from the local butcher rather than the supermarket. They’ll visit us regularly, but then disappear for a few weeks, and then come back. It seems to be a varying trend.”

A few metres down the road is another local butchers, Robin Tuxford Butchers.  But does another identical business result in tough competition?

“There are two butchers in the area, and we support each other” Karl says. “Customers visit us both, and sometimes visit one more regularly than the other ..but a couple of weeks later, it could be the opposite.”



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