First concert to be held at Nottingham’s courtroom

IMG_6452Nottingham Victorian courtroom at the Galleries of Justice will be transformed into a music venue for the first time this Saturday night.

Instrumental band Haiku Salut are planning to enthral the audience in this unusual venue. Haiku-SalutHaiku Salut is currently on a UK tour in celebrating the release of their second album. Their UK tour in 2013 featured around 20 vintage lamps which are programmed to flash, flicker and fade in time to the music.

There will be two other supporting acts in the concert – ULTRAS and Inad.

Hospitality and events  sales manager at the Galleries of Justice, Maša Prastalo said: “I expect it to be something that people won’t forget and I hope that its what it will be.

“I think it would be something really unique, really different and I think hopefully something that people will enjoy and tell all their friends to come to the Galleries of Justice museum.”

According to Nick Lawford of Hello Thor record label, the main purpose of the concert is to allow people to play music in an unusual venue.

“The Courtroom is an amazing space and I think it’s going to be really special.” Nick Lawford, Hello Thor Records

He said: “I expect good times, lots of them. I expect three bands performing brilliant pop music in a unique environment.

“I expect high spirits. I expect lots of grinning faces. The Courtroom is an amazing space and I think it’s going to be really special.”

“Nottingham is my home and it is home to many of my favourite artists and my favourite people.  I think it is a very fine place indeed”, he added.

For more information on the ticket, please visit or visit their facebook page.

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