Nottingham urged to join in national bee count

Honey_bee_(Apis_mellifera)Scientists are asking Nottingham animal lovers to help with the annual bee count in a bid to gather statistics about which species could be endangered.

The Great British Bee Count takes place every year by using a mobile phone app.

Nottinghamshire Beekeepers Association, Alison Knox says:-“Bees are under threat due to humans, if a bee enters someone’s shrub they spray it and kill it.”

According to her, bees are crucial to our very existence since without them; our diet would be very limited, there would be very few green vegetables, no raspberries and strawberries and even meat production would be affected, since some animals graze on meadow grass.

Nottinghamshire beekeeper John Lloyd welcomes the pollinating insects.

Last year, 35,000 bees were spotted in the annual count in Nottinghamshire.

Locals can encourage wildlife by planting flowers rich in nectar and leaving weeds behind.

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