Nottingham pupils to help stub out smoking at school

Credit: Jacky ColaSecondary school pupils could encourage their classmates to stop taking up smoking, if a new county-wide campaign is given the go ahead.


The three year scheme will cost Nottinghamshire County council £450,000 as the authority tries to reduce the number of secondary school smokers.

Pupils will be nominated by their classmates and receive two days of training before speaking to their fellow students about the health riskscigarettes-383327_640 of smoking.

The plan has already been trialled in 59 schools nationwide with 11,000 pupils taking part.

The conclusions of the trial period have been positive with results showing that there was a 22% reduction in the chance of pupils taking up smoking.

The Public Health Committee will hold a meeting on 12th May to consider the new scheme.

If approved, the plan will roll out across Nottinghamshire schools in September.

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