Nottingham people encouraged to take up cycling

IMG_5791An event to promote cycling in Nottingham has been held at  Snienton Hermitage as part of the scheme to encourage people to use sustainable transport.


People were given information about how to get around Nottingham on a bike. There was also an opportunity to get their cycles fixed for free by ‘Dr Bike’.

Free food was given to anyone who arrived by bike at the nearby community café. There was a guided bike ride that left at 2pm. It took a scenic route around Home Pierrepont.

Adam Batty, a Project Officer at Sustrans, says cycling helps with many social issues.

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The Ride Wise and The Big Wheel charities attended the event presenting their plans to boost use of cycling and providing advice on how to cycle safely.

The sustainable transport program started in 2011 with a £15.245 million Government fund to reduce air pollution in Nottingham and it will end in late 2015.

  • Nottingham is the 9th in Europe for high levels of nitrogen dioxide (World Health Organisation (WHO), 2015).
  • The European Union sets PM10 (particulate matter pollution) levels at 40ug/m3 (micrograms per cubic metre) on average over a year, while Nottingham is at the top with 25 ug/m3 (WHO, 2015).
  • Pollution is responsible for more than 500 deaths a year across Nottinghamshire and 29,000 annually in the UK (The Environmental Audit Committee, 2015 ).

For more information about cycling in Nottingham, see Sustrans, Nottingham City Council and Ride Wise.

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