New drug revolutionises treatment of sickle cell anaemia in the UK

steinberg_sickle-cell-center_spring09_75[1]The NHS in Nottingham has launched a campaign to raise awareness of a genetic disease that affects only black people and to inform them of a new form of treatment in the UK.


Doreen Richards, a sickle cell specialist, said that the newest form of treatment for patients living with the blood disorder is the administration of Hydroxycarbomide.

Even though this form of treatment is popular in the US, its just being tested in the UK and young people will benefit most. Black students have been targeted as part of the campaign.

“Hydroxycarbomide is a chemotherapy it does help with the pain”, she said. “Most of the patients find it beneficial because at the same time they can continue with their  university work”.

The campaign which was targeted at black students received more than 100 of them at the venue in Hilton hotel.

Most of the attendees said the program was very useful as most didn’t know that choosing the wrong life partner could affect their later offspring.

Taiwo, a student of Nottingham Trent University, said that get tested is something useful and therefore she will try soon to discover is she has a trait or the gene.

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