Major PCSO cuts set for Nottingham’s Police force.

pcso_2368181bSeventy Two Police community support officers are set to be cut by Nottingham’s Police force, due to financial pressures from the Government.

Nottinghamshire Police force have been told they need to save 12 billion pounds this year by the Government which is seven hundred thousand pounds less than last year, after the Government cut their funding by 5.2 per cent.

Paddy Tipping the Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottingham promised an increase in the amount of PCSO’s but said “We have to make significant savings to balance the budget”, he also said it was “regrettable but unavoidable”.

As a result of the cuts Nottinghamshire Police have had to close Police stations in Sneiton and the Meadows Mr Tipping said there was no other way to make the cuts other than losing personnel. The Nottinghamshire Police force are set to lose 70 PCSO’s this year and they will not be hiring anyone or anything else to replace them.

They announced that they will be closing 4 Police stations and 5 front counters in order to save £4.2 million for the budget. Most of the PCSOs losing their jobs with be shown other roles in the Police where as those who are nearing retirement may favour redundancy.

Much of the public feel the Police will not be able to cope, but a few members of the public have kept the faith.

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