97.5 Kemet Fm give reasons why experience is vital to make it into the media industry.

IMG_0709Nottingham Trent University media students are urged to get experience other than what is being delivered to them at university.

It has commonly been expressed that the only source of knowledge is experience and that could not relate more to Media students of today.

Nottingham Trent students have the opportunity to get involved in Fly Fm, the University’s radio, as well as local radio stations such as 97.5 Kemet Fm, who often taken on undergraduates looking to enhance their skills, building a solid foundation to their future.

When speaking to the presenters of 97.5 Kemet Fm they had emphasised the significance of practical experience and the ways in which involvement they have gained has helped them.

Former media student at Nottingham Trent University, Jasmine Takhar, explained that it is merely enough as already outlined to stand out to employees you must show interest and demonstrate your talents.

IMG_0714   Adding ‘you should start as early as possible’ and advices others to ‘be willing to take advice from other people’. As a presenter for 97.5 Kemet Fm she expresses her developments with the station stating that ‘it has given me the training to speak correctly on radio and a format of how to do things’.

It’s more than speaking into a microphone, you must be able to engage with your audience making the best production. More than anything, she concludes, it made her confident and driven her to pursue her dreams.

Bertie B another presenter from 97.5 Kemet Fm now involved with BBC encourages those wanting to be radio presenters to know as much about the industry as possible and says ‘it’s also definitely who you know’ so to make sure to know about all the key people.

Bertie B says a building a brand for yourself is also very substantial, as you must be able to bring something to the table. It’s simply not enough nowadays to be a good presenter.

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