GameCityNights at Nottingham National Video Game Arcade

pic 1The National Video Game Arcade Nottingham is going to hold an event of gaming to welcome gamers and game developers to share their experiences.


The NVG is the world’s first permanent videogame centre to explore videogame creativity. The arcade also aims for interactive education, where students from all ages can get hands-on experience of game-making.  This will give them opportunity to think about the way games are made and get involved in making their own.

The GameCityNights event will be held on the last Thursday of every month. Events will include sessions with special guests, prizes, music, entertainment and others activities.

This month we’re joined by with headliners Jon Ingold and Joseph Humfrey of Inkle who’ll be talking about their outstanding work on storytelling games including the Time Game of the Year ’80 Days’
Annie, NVA

The NVA opened last month already has a packed schedule over the next few months.

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