Nottingham Trent University Win Volunteering Award

PICNottingham Trent University gains national recognition after winning the Investing in Volunteers for Employers Award for it’s employee volunteering.

The award recognises an organisations commitment to support its employees in their volunteering, therefore encouraging more people to get involved in volunteer work.

The scheme has been run by the volunteering team of the University’s Schools, Colleges and Community Outreach department (SCCO) since 2005, encouraging the university to engage with the local community. It has also opened many opportunities for staff to be involved in a range of different types of volunteering.

472 staff at Nottingham Trent University were involved in an Employee Supported Volunteer scheme between 2012-2013.


But despite the award being for the staff at NTU, the university also offers many different schemes for the students.

Lindsay Thurston, a 19 year old Criminology and Psychology student, is a mentor for young children. Lindsay believes that the university won the award due to its passion for volunteering.

She says “It’s really nice because they try and get other people involved in volunteering as well. They take it really seriously with both the staff and the students.”

The university also holds big events for the staff and students for those who volunteer to celebrate their hard work.

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