Nottingham celebrates St Georges day

pictureOn Thursday thousands of people turned out to join in with the annual St Georges day parade with Knights and their Steeds leading the way through the city.

All across the country the English waved their red and white flags as they celebrated St George’s day.

The St Georges day tradition comes from the myth behind St George allegedly slaying a dragon.

It was in the year 1415 AD that St George became the Patron Saint of England when English Soldiers under Henry V won the battle of Agincourt.

In Nottingham, the 11th annual parade took place starting at Forest Recreational Grounds and finishing in the Old Market Square where the Council House proudly exhibited the largest St Georges flag in the country.

Phil Harwood, the Parade Organiser from The Royal Society of St George, said this was their biggest yet and wishes that one day it could become a National Holiday like the Irish Equivalent, St Patricks day.

“I’m sure that in two or three years it’ a national holiday and everyone can get the day off and join in.”

Campaigns have been set up in a hope that they will be able to make St Georges day a national holiday.

With the day getting bigger each year, The Approach Pub on Friar Lane joined in on the action and opened their first event for St Georges day. They had live music playing during the day and old English movies in the evening.

Jonathon Thomas, the General Manager, didn’t expect the day  to be as busy as it was saying that they didn’t believe there was really a market for it. However the day turned out to be a success and they will be continuing the celebrations next year.

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