Album Review: The Wombats, Glitterbug

wombatsFour years on since their last album, Liverpudlian band The Wombats are back with new album Glitterbug which deviates from their iconic upbeat indie pop sound.


Inspired by, and produced in, Los Angeles the indie band have adopted a more mature synth-pop approach to their music, perhaps realising their fans have grown up in the four years they’ve been away.

Despite the group’s change in style the tongue-in-cheek wit and charm The Wombats have become synonymous with is ever present in Glitterbug. The band maintains their fondness for popular culture references in songs such as Emoticon and Give Me a Try.

However, this new approach to music has revealed a darker sides to the band’s energetic sound. Be Your Shadow and Isabel reflect an inner struggle brought about by a difficult relationship between an English boy and Californian girl that the album documents.

As with their two previous albums, Glitterbug is very much held up by the band’s singles creating a sense that much of the album is simply just filler.

This time round its singles Your Body Is a Weapon, which is clearly aimed at radio listeners, and the bouncy Greek Tragedy give the album more than enough punch.

With a change in style creating a distinctly more adult feel to their new album The Wombats have proved they are ready for a new audience. While this may worry some fans, there is a track on Glitterbug for everyone to indulge in.

by Liam Hunt

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