Nottingham entrepreneur opens online health store

NOMP20150417A-8667_C-3A Nottingham entrepreneur is launching a range of traditional African natural remedies which she believes are a viable alternative to conventional health products.


Boitumelo Mathibako was suffering with a  cold when she came up with the idea for her new business. Whilst ill she went to try and purchase the natural medications she was used to in her native South Africa, but found the range of medicines here in the UK complicated and expensive.

The 25 year old  South African, who is vegan, found similar issues when trying to buy healthy food and food supplements. In her eyes there was an absence of good, healthy, natural products.

The entrepreneur then decided to try and fill this gap in the market herself with her website Gandji.

“I was a vegan for 2 years so it was hard to have a balanced diet, so it was important for me to find protein powders that I could ingest, so I managed to make this protein powders which are made out of plants” she explained.

The website sells range of food supplements, colon cleansers, prebiotics,and plant protein powders. She said the site also caters for people who need gluten, yeast or dairy free products which are also suitable for vegetarians.

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