Mansfield residents ordered to pay for fly-tipping

IMG_0186Residents on a Mansfield road are being threatened with legal action by the District Council because of fly-tippers dumping rubbish outside their homes.


The campaign is being led by a Grandmother who has vowed to fight Mansfield District Council in court, after they warned they would bill her and her neighbours to clear fly dumping near their home in Victoria Street.

Over the last few months discarded mattresses,  smashed fridge freezers and broken furniture have been dumped between Victoria Street and Moor Street.

Local people contacted the Council to ask  them to clear the rubbish but they were told that the area is under collective ownership.  According to the council this means that it is the residents’ responsibility to remove the mess.

They have been given 20days notice, and if it is not cleared, the council will carry out the work and also charge them for its removal.


Residents claimed that it’s not their fly-tipping and they don’t want to pay for someone else’s rubbish.

The cleansing team used to clear up in the past even though it wasn’t the council’s responsibility to do so, but last year local people received a letter explaining that this service would cease.

Residents’ asks for CCTV cameras to be installed in the area have been refused because the council said it would be too costly.

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