City Arts holds the first tap jam in East Midlands

20150422_204509Tap Jams have been growing in popularity since 2006. Jess Murray wants to show that tap dance is for everyone and it’s time to dust off your shoes!

Tap Rhythm Project has held Tap Jams for a decade in Liverpool and London. It’s becoming prevalent in London and in Manchester, where tap jams have been held regularly.

Jess Murray co-founded the Tap Rhythm Project in 2006. She has travelled with her taps to New York, Berlin and Barcelona and has been teaching rhythm tap in venues across the North West since 2004.


Her tap classes have attracted more people around the country over the past seven years. Many people got involved with this event in a chilled though rhythmic atmosphere.

The first tap jam in East Midlands has been held at City Arts in Hockley. At the event, tap dancers could improvise with musicians and other artists

The tap jam opened with a performance by the trio Untold Rhythm with Jess Murray as a tap dancer. 1411592493188

A highlight of the evening was when eight-year old Jazzmin Pink took over the stage to tap with the band.

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