St George is making his return to Nottingham.

St_George_section_2011This Thursday Nottingham will be celebrating St George’s Day at the Old Market Square.

The procession will make its way from the Forest Fields in Sherwood, down to The Old Market Square in the City Centre. To ensure the event is celebrated widely, the committee have organised live performances from the ‘Keith Kendrick’ band, re-enactments from the Robin Hood tales and a showcase celebrating English fashion throughout history.

The event historically does not receive as much accolade as St. Patrick’s Day as this year the paddies day parade seen thousands gathered to celebrate. But Secretary of the ‘Royal St George‘ committee of the Nottingham branch Paul Haywood says “Its a huge shame that here in England it is not widely celebrated and our committee’s job is to raise awareness and strong push for it to become a bank holiday”

Last year around 700 people turned out for the event in the Old Market Square and the committee are hoping to top that to at least one thousand this year. In order to do so a wide variety of activities have been confirmed. There will be face painting, the national anthem will be sang, a re-enactment of St.George and the dragon himself and also special celebrity guest appearances.

Video footage of the parade circulated online. Courtesy of Youtube.



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