Nottingham’s street angels under threat

alcohol-492871_640The future of the Malt Cross Trust’s Street Pastor programme is in the balance as vital funding has been pulled from the charity.

Volunteers take to the streets on Friday and Saturday nights to help drunk revellers and over the past five years the scheme has kept 1,500 people out of hospital by providing water, advice and help to get home.

More than 100 volunteers give up their time to help and the project, which costs just £2,000 a month to run.

The city based charity, known as the ‘Street Angels’, have had their funding cut and bosses say that they will have to close if the money is not found.

Half of the funding for the service has come from Comic Relief, with the rest provided by the Malt Cross Trust. However, the Comic Relief funding runs out at the end at the month.

More to follow.

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