Nottingham’s first-ever Caribbean Heritage Museum.

untitledA new Caribbean museum is coming to Nottingham. SKN Heritage is hoping to bring a new culture for young people to learn about their ancestors.


Catherine Ross, founder of the SKN heritage first came up with the idea to create a place for young people to learn about their background. Aiming for the Caribbean culture within Nottingham, to have somewhere to learn about important figures who have contributed to the city.

A main factor for opening the museum is because Catherine felt there were few facilities specifically for mixed heritage and black people to call their own. Additionally, she feels it will also allow the public to learn about the city’s  history by adding to the museum what they are calling ‘memory stories’.

Catherine explains what she hopes is gained from the opening of this foundation.

For Catherine. opening this museum will hopefully tackle some of the identity issues that young black and mixed heritage people in the city struggle from. She’s hoping that it will also benefit the older generation as they will be able to see how far they have come.

One of the main schemes  introduced is ‘Heritage Detectives’ which aims to enable different areas within Nottingham such as:

  • Radford
  • Sneinton
  • West Bridgford
  • Meadows
  • Hyson Green

Volunteers within those different areas will be able to find out information about the West Indies’ culture and how they have adapted to Nottingham.

They are also looking for artefacts to put within the museum with one of the things they’re currently looking for is a dutch cooking pot.

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