Nottingham Castle’s £24 million re-development aims to attract worldwide visitors

online 400,000 visitors are expected to visit Nottingham castle in the first year after its redevelopment, which will substantially boost Nottingham’s tourist economy.


LEAFLET.avi.00_00_38_09.Still001The soon to be ‘world class tourist attraction’ is well underway in receiving its £24 million makeover.  The Heritage Lottery fund have granted a generous £12.9 million to help kick-start the castle’s redevelopments of Nottingham Castle’s Museum and Art Gallery.

The plans were proposed to help locals gain a better understanding of Nottingham’s history from Norman fortress to Ducal Palace.  It is believed its 1000 year history will be better brought to life and understood with a few major changes and transformations.

The three main themes of the new development plan include showing the value of our historic castle, enhancing the interactive nature of the gallery and promoting the heritage and art collections.

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