Ethnic minorities in Nottingham set to snub next month’s general election

Alex GroverMembers of ethnic minority groups in Nottingham are feeling apathetic about turning out to vote in next month’s General Election.

Political parties such as Conservative and Labour are failing to target and attract ethnic groups in the UK,  making their vote crucial as the clock ticks to election day.

Since 2010, 28 per cent of the Black African community and 18 per cent of the Indian community are not registered to vote and convincing these groups to register to vote has become increasingly difficult for the Tories and Labour.

Mukhtar Xec, from Nottingham is very disinterested with politics and feels detached from this month’s election.

“I’m not into politics,” says Mukhtar.

“I’m not worried about UKIP coming into power and I think you should let people get on with what they believe in.”

Despite the low numbers in registered voters, BME groups and other ethnic minorities may hold the power to sway the predicted outcome of the General Election and change who will be in charge of running the country.

Labour claims that they are the party of equality and their manifesto for BAME communities in Britain  has been improved by pledging to tackle discrimination in jobs and build a stronger representation of ethnic minorities in public life.

“The elite are above”

Tyler McGraff believes that it doesn’t matter who you vote for as every agenda is the same and nothing will change.

“I think a lot young people are let down in politics and I’m really not interested in politics at all. Conservatives are stepping on the working class and the elite are above you. You’re damned if you do vote and you’re damned if you don’t.”

As election day approaches the parties are willing to up their game and need to target specific areas of society to get a range of votes, especially from ethnic minority groups who feel under-represented in public.

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