Student nearly drowns at riverside party


A Nottingham Trent University student had to be rescued after falling into a lock on the River Trent embankment whilst attending a riverside party.


Angelo Zamora, aged 20, who couldn’t swim,  had to be pulled from the lock by fellow party goer, Benjamin Lamb, 19, after falling into the water whilst intoxicated.

Other people attending the party had earlier gone on to the water using blow up beds as floats.


Angelo Zamora said, ‘It seemed like a good idea at the time but I never learnt how to swim and with the weight of clothes pulling me down it made it difficult to stay afloat’

‘I was just lucky that people came to my rescue’

Benjamin Lamb added, ‘Everyone was in a state of shock when it happened, we didn’t know if he was pretending to drown but I realised he was struggling and jumped after him’

The pop up party took place in West Bridgford on the embankment of the River Trent. Nottingham DJs arrived with equipment, a trampoline, and inflatables to put on a spontaneous riverside party in celebration of the good weather.

The student was not injured and is well.

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