City of Football Begins

City of Football OnlineFootball’s coming home to Nottingham. The city fought off competition from Manchester and Portsmouth for the title of ‘City of Football’.

The title granted the city £1.6 million in funding to run a two-year programme aimed at getting more people from the ages of 14-25 to participate in the sport. Team Nottingham’s vision is to inspire ”a social football revolution to help everybody find a connection to football. We will spark an explosion of football participation enjoyed by people of all ages,”

The bid’s success is anchored in a cutting-edge social media campaign and deep history of football in Nottingham. Boasting the oldest football club in the world in Notts County and the historically successful Nottingham Forest, the city was one of the favourite contenders.

The first step in Nottingham’s ambition of encouraging young people’s involvement is three weekly events in Old Market Square. Featuring a variety of activities such as human fussball, a shot power machine and many others, people of all ages are getting involved.

One of the priorities of the bid was not just increase the participation of 14-25 year olds but specifically the involvement of women. Nottingham is home to the highly successful Notts County Ladies FC and there was a lot of emphasis on raising awareness of the new levels of women’s football in the UK.

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