Acting Out Festival ends ….. but has left an important legacy

contAfter a week of events trying to reduce stigma around mental illness and promoting mental well-being, Acting Out’s legacy is being continued by music workshops.

Acting Out Festival was the first themed programme of events hosted here in Nottingham, following the success of the similar Anxiety Arts Festival London 2014. The festival ‘s central point contests the term ‘ acting out’ connecting psychological language with the social order of the UK.

The new music workshops , in collaboration with Nottingham Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust ; will be based on the successful Mind & Soul Choir led by Lea Cornthwaite based at the Maudsley Hospital in London.

The Festival ends today after a week of events and exhibitions, with a screening of ‘The Institution’ at Nottingham Contemporary. A critique of mental healthcare, it is based on director Ian Breakwell ‘s work at Rampton Hospital  as part of the Artist Placement Group.

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