Solar eclipse disappoints Nottingham

Eclipse2Hundreds of people flocked to Market Square on Friday morning to witness the first partial eclipse in the UK for 16 years.

The partial eclipse which reached its peak at 9:36am was a greatly anticipated event. Specially designed glasses were sold out days in advance and many people took the morning off work.

For those not able to get their hands on a pair of solar glasses, tutorials for pinhole cameras littered the web. However the effect of the partial eclipse was not as dramatic as many people hoped. Despite clear skies, there was no ‘plunge into darkness’ as was expected. Nottingham however was one of the few cities to experience perfect viewing weather for the eclipse with many other areas in England being covered by cloud.


This was the view over most of the UK.

As a result of the terrible weather across most of the UK, many people decided to watch the eclipse streamed live across the web. The Nottingham Physics Society used their solar telescope, which had over 2000 people tuning in before the eclipse had even started. Their online video of the stream has now been viewed more than a quarter of a million times. President Luke Maw felt it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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