Number of Nottingham voters falls by 10,000

UK-ballot-boxThe general election is on the horizon, however recent changes to the voting system means that many people may not yet have registered to vote.

Individual electoral registration will take effect for the forthcoming May election, and it means that people must now register to vote individually rather than – as in the past – being listed on a form filled in by one member of a household.

The Electoral Commission said 87% of electors had transferred automatically. Students were among the most likely not to have been transferred, because their electoral register details did not match Department for Work and Pensions records.

The number of voters in Nottingham before the changes in the 2014 was 204,000. Early this year the figure had dropped to 191,041. And now, after a campaign to get more people to  sign up, the number still only stands at 195,888.

You can register to vote here before the 20 April 2015.

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