Nottingham students given a push to recycle

recycling_2921924bNottingham city council waste operation team are working with students at both universities to help make the city a cleaner place.

With the European Union’s new target of getting people to recycle more than 50% of their house hold waste by 2020, this is one of the many schemes launched to help achieve it.

Nottingham is home to a large population of students, over 48000 at the two universities, and the council are targeting them in a bid to make the city cleaner.

The new project, ‘recycle it right’, is being trailed in Lenton Boulevard and is encouraging the students to recycle more to improve the neighbourhood. The council will be working alongside the target group to try different activities to increase the amount of recycling they do. This includes introducing new kitchen recycling bins to help make recycling easier.

Councillor Nicola Heaton, Portfolio holder for Community Services at Nottingham City Council, believes that students need more education on what can and cannot be recycled.

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