Nottingham Horror Film Team raise £4,800 for new film

A Whiskers_of_the_Hooded_Lister_Rat_ATLAS-070713-0016team of Nottingham horror film makers have exceeded their fundraising budget for a new splatter horror film by raising £4800 in donations from the public.

Team Chameleon, who also bought us, Magnets, Bloodworm and 6 shooter – which only cost £70 to create – are set to make a new horror gore film called ‘Lab Rats’ after surpassing their fundraising budget after a online kickstarter campaign.

Directed by David Wyman and produced by Lauren Parker, the plot description on their kickstarter page sees Eco-warrior ‘Kat’ and her friends embark on a mission to expose the international bio-chemistry  company, Ring-Amnion, as liars. This follows a tip-off that they ran an animal testing lab – despite their public profile claiming otherwise.

The gang, and Kat’s 20,000 blog followers, are eager to find out what Ring-Amnion have been hiding as they break into an old building, but they aren’t prepared for what they find inside.

Steve Askey, the practical FX designer and Jane Hyman the special Makeup effects artist are set to ensure the film is an all out spatter-fest.

Lauren Parker says she’s thrilled about raising so much money for the film. The team are:

“great believers in practical effects and want Lab Rats to be a real splatter showcase, featuring exploding bodies, melting faces, oozing wounds and blood. Buckets and buckets of blood! And practical effects combined with VFX means we can push these effects to their bloodiest potential. “

The campaign ended on Friday with a total of £4,800, that’s £800 over their original budget.

Producer Lauren Parker speaks to CBJ News. 

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