Just 6 grams of salt a day for improved diet

pic saltThe NHS recommend that just 6 grams of salt a day will help promote a healthy life style but just how easy is it to stick to that?

Salt is for some a staple in their everyday diet. It seems we have almost become a nation dedicated to putting salt on our food. However with over 180,000 deaths a year from heart disease, with salt acting as a contributing factor to poor heart health,  it seems reviewing our diets is a good idea.

The NHS has said that 75% of the salt we eat is already in our foods. Processed foods are high in salt which is easily hidden amongst sweeteners and artificial flavours.

Salt is not just loved by the British nation but valued across the world.  Speaking to a member of the Kurdish society at Nottingham Trent University, it is clear to see that the middle east cuisine includes the use of salt but not in excessive amounts.

Food festivals, markets, and celebrations are the perfect opportunity to try out new foods. But are we really sure how much salt is in what we’re consuming?  This weekend saw the showcase of the global food market in Old Market Square, Nottinghamshire. The range of foods available were a popular choice for the local area with stalls containing  cheese, bread and global dishes.

However in the past, researchers  have said salt rates in cheese are too high. With the salty taste hidden in many foods, it only seems natural to add more.  However owner of  The Natural Food Company in Nottingham, Rachel Preston says ” there are natural alternatives to salt, and other forms of salt which are a lot healthier, such as Himalayan pink salt”.

Although these products may be harder to source, alternatives are available to us. By taking what may be seen as the healthier options, we may just be able to stick to the 6 grams of salt a day.

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