Nottingham in the bottom three of school league tables

200449839-003Nottingham is ranked 150 out of 152 education authoritites. East Midland’s children from disadvantaged background are achieving lower grades compared to the national average.

Earlier this year league tables figures showed that only half of the students in Nottingham achieved five A* to C grades, leaving Nottingham ranked 150 out of 152 education authorities nationwide.

Chris Russell, the director of East Midlands Ofsted, says that pupils who receive free school meals, have English as a second language or require a carer must be given better support.

“Nottingham was achieving better pass rates for disadvantaged pupils than other authorities.”

Chris Russell

He adds, ‘The one thing I would say about Nottingham is that these issues are very much regional issues, rather than ones that are specific to Nottingham. The figures for Nottingham aren’t the worst for performance of those groups.”



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