Burglars target Asian households for gold in Nottingham

police carThe number of burglaries in Nottingham is on the rise. Since Christmas there has been one extra burglary a day.


Nottinghamshire Police has launched a new specialised task force to combat the rising number of burglaries in Nottingham.

In particular, Asian households are being targeted for gold jewellery, as criminals believe the households have richer pickings.

Chief Inspector Steve Cartwright believes that the public can do more to prevent themselves from becoming victims.

“A third of our burglaries happen through insecurities. Most burglaries are people looking for an opportunity…so look around your house or where you live from a burglars perspective. Secure your windows with locks, the rear of houses are often how houses are_67588428_dsc_0010 entered- put security lighting in your back garden to alert you. Look out for your neighbours- we are more likely and more happy to come out to a suspicious event then a burglary”.



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