Asthma sufferers warned to stay clear of smog

InhalerPeople with heart and respiratory problems, may suffer badly due to a toxic cloud which has spread all over the UK and affected both Nottingham and the East Midlands.

Nottingham has reached level eight air pollution according to the latest data by UK-AIR. At such a high level, those suffering from respiratory problems would be affected.
fact fileAfter moving over from cities across Europe this week, smog has now expanded throughout  the United Kingdom, with regions experiencing varying levels of smog.

Smog is the combination of both smoke and fog which is formed after pollutants and gases are released in the air from being burned. This can include car pollution from exhausts and tyres.

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Asthma sufferers

Local delivery man Elijah Williams commutes around the UK due to his job, but fears that his problems with asthma will become worse due to the smog.

“I can’t help but worry, obviously there’s things that I have to do in terms of job criteria. I can’t just not go to work. And even though I have my inhaler along with me, I’m still at the wheel. Imagine if I end up having a severe [asthma] attack while I’m driving? All of these things I have to be wary of.”

Minimum Exposure

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Dr Tim Baker of the University of Nottingham Health Centre, encourages those who suffer with asthma to be very wary about their exposure to the smog.

“Smog triggers two-thirds of asthma sufferers so I would highly recommend that you keep an emergency reliever with you in case of any sudden attacks.” He says, “Keep your airways controlled and make sure your reliever isn’t empty.”

He added: “The best thing is to take your inhaler in the morning and the night.”

Levels of smog should clear out of the UK later tonight

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