Nottingham vegetarians have more options than ever

fruit-and-veg-534x356Nottingham restaurants have updated their menus to offer more vegetarian and vegan meals, as 1 in 5 people in the UK aged 16-24 are now vegetarian.


Vegetarians used to have very little choice when eating out often having to opt for a salad, but not any more.

Surprisingly, even places known for their meat-based dishes, like Annie’s Burger shack, have refreshed their menu.

Annie’s now offers a vegan version of all 30 burgers which are normally made with beef chicken and pork.

Neil Wainwright, chef at Annie’s said: “we thought it would be better to offer all of our burgers as vegetarian or vegan”.

IMG_0687“There seems to be quite a popular demand for vegetarian and vegan options.”

The Alley Café is one of a number of eatery’s which offers entirely meat-free menus.

Poppy Harris is the manager of The Alley Café and also a Vegan.

One explanation for the increase in non-meat diets could be down to campaigns such as Veggie Month, which is organised by animal rights activists Animal Aid.

Their campaign runs throughout March and aims to spread awareness about the number of animals slaughtered every year for food.

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