Nottingham protesters make a noise against continued austerity

20150318_172051_resizedAnti-austerity protesters banged pots and pans in the old Market square to campaign against the on-going cuts to benefits and welfare.

George Osborne’s claim that “the sun was starting to shine on Britain” fell on deaf ears as the People’s Assembly of Nottingham called for an end to austerity measures in Britain.

The group regularly holds protests against the austerity measures and spending imposed by the current coalition government.

Despite promising that austerity will end a year early, the Chancellor also revealed that  further cuts of £30 billion are still to come.

And it is these future cuts that have angered many of the Nottingham protesters.

Louise Reegan, the coordinator for the protest said:

“The picture for people in Nottingham isn’t very positive.”


She continued to express her disappointment with Osborne’s announcement:

“It’s just another election budget to be honest and it’s not good enough. There are too many people in our society that do not have enough money to live on and we’ve decided to make a big noise about it.”

The 45 year old added that “a third of the city’s children” are currently living in poverty and that the demand on food banks “is greater than ever”.

The Liberal Democrats will reveal their proposed budget later today.

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