Nottingham households could save up to £130 in fuel bills

Fuel bills to be capped by Labour until 2017The Nottingham Labour Party is tackling fuel poverty in its new manifesto as Ed Miliband announces a fuel price cap on utility bills in the run up to the election.

The Labour party leader has said that household utility bills have become too high and wants to introduce a cap on energy prices.

This comes as Nottingham Labour has also promised to set up a not-for-profit utility company to sell energy to locals for the lowest possible price if elected to run the council.

Chris Leslie, Labour MP for Nottingham South, says that there has been a 20% decrease in wholesale prices, but only a 5% decrease has been reflected in household gas bills.

Dr Hafez Abdo, an energy market expert from Nottingham Business School, says this would help tackle fuel poverty for locals.

Ed Miliband has pledged to cap biEd milibandlls for two years, which would save most consumers up to £260 by 2017.

Ofgem would also be held accountable for reviewing the energy market by this autumn. The regulator of gas and electricity in the UK would have to force energy companies to drop their prices in order for the pledge to work in time for winter.

According to Conservative energy minister, Matt Hancock, this “chaotic Labour energy policy” would “put up families’ bills by £100” and not help them save money.

The Nottingham Tory candidate, Jane Hunt, said that the Conservative party has already implemented the £5million Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, which has given low income households in Clifton free insulation.

Hunt further criticised Labour for wanting to abolish Ofgem back in 2013, but Labour now plans to hand over power to the regulator if elected.

The Liberal Democrats have also proposed the Green Homes Bill which plans to insulate up to 10 million homes by 2025.

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