March start for £40m sports village

00070.MTS.00_00_56_11.Still002.bmp.00_00_56_11.Still001Nottingham City Council has approved plans  for a sports village development at the University of Nottingham.


The £40m sports village will be built on the University Park Campus and will include ten courts for badminton, a Hypoxia chamber, climbing wall, 200-station fitness suite and a snooker hall after getting the green light to start building.

The plan was initially refused because it would have put three oak trees at risk with 7 councillors voting  against the development of the village.

The building work has now been moved nine metres away from the trees to avoid any problems affecting their safety. The work will start at the end of this month and is expected to be completed around the end of 2016.

Lee Chrimes, Sports Marketing & Communications Officer at the University of Nottingham, says:

“We are going to be closing down the [existing] sports centre on the 23rd of March and the fitness centre on the 30th. At the moment we expect to complete the work by September 2016”.

He added: “We were a bit frustrated with that decision, but we are glad that we are able to arrive to a conclusion [that] everyone is happy with. The sports village construction will continue on schedule, I promise.”

Carphone Warehouse founder and university alumnus David Ross is donating £3 million towards the village which will bear his name.

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