Nottinghamshire welcomes ‘This Girl Can’ Campaign

untitledA national campaign to get more women involved in sport has been brought to Nottingham. It’s called ‘This Girl Can’ and it aims to stop women feeling embarrassed about how they look when they exercise.

The main aim is for women to register and then get weekly updates about events, clubs they can join and people they can speak to if they have any worries. Since it launched last week, the response has been positive.

Some of the reasons why women are hesitant to join are:FactBoxAt Clifton’s Lee Westwood centre, Sarah Miller who runs the local campaign, expresses how being a part of the campaign can be beneficial. She encourages women to work on any fears or anxieties they may have.

“There will be women attending these activities who share the same anxieties. It’s a good place to get to know people,” she says.

Miller expresses the importance of making women feel comfortable enough to want to be part of a club or openly go to a gym class without having any worries. Additionally, she is holding events at the end of March to support the campaign further. They include different types of sports such as Zumba . The aim is to enable people to feel part of something at a local level and be accepted.

The public expressed their view on females in sport and whether they feel there are equal opportunities for men and women.

As for now the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign has had a promising start, and will hopefully continue.

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